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Contente Consulting is a multi-faceted urban planning and strategic consulting firm based in Atlanta. Founded in 2005 by urban planner Contente Terry, our boutique studio structure includes a diverse team of skilled professionals with a distinguished history in planning, designing and shaping urban communities using expertise in land planning, neighborhood planning, transportation planning, urban design, strategic & organizational development, community building and public engagement for municipal and private clients.


The firm has expanded regionally and nationally since inception building an impressive portfolio of planning projects that focus on place-making and sustainability while also influencing the transformation of urban communities. Through the integration of the physical environment with economic and social development, our project list includes neighborhood revitalization plans; transportation/transit corridor studies; municipal strategic plans; housing, HUD (Housing and Urban Development) HOPE VI and Choice Neighborhoods master plans; and TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) plans. In addition, Contente Consulting is especially proud of the recognition as a leader in public engagement providing a community-driven approach to engage stakeholders in conversations that are participatory, innovative, and action-oriented. 


Specific services we can offer municipal and private clients:

  • Neighborhood and Comprehensive Planning in Urban Communities;

  • Land Use Analysis to aid in Neighborhood Planning, Corridor Planning, TOD Planning and Transit Alternative Planning;

  • Need Assessments, Blight Analysis and Data Collection;

  • GIS Analysis and Mapping for demographic analysis, land use analysis, existing conditions analysis and typology identification;

  • Community Based Implementation Strategies Identification;

  • Public/ Private/ Community Organization Partnership Development;

  • Public Engagement, Consensus Building and Organization Capacity Building.



  • City of Atlanta SBE, AABE & FBE

  • GDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

  • FDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise 

  • MDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

  • SCDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

  • TDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

  • ALDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (pending)

  • NCDOT Disadvantage Business Enterprise (pending)



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